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HoshiGaki means dried persimmon. The HoshiGaki method is traditional to Japan, and came to America with Japanese American farmers.
The persimmons start to ripen around Halloween. I pick, peel, hang, and massage the fruits regularly until they become succulently sweet, moist, tender, and pleasantly chewy,
with a complex flavor that is at once floral and reminiscent of gingerbread.
Weather cooperating, the first boxes are ready around Thanksgiving. Shipping continues until supply runs out.

HoshiGaki is a prized traditional gift, not typically used as an ingredient but enjoyed on its own.
Making HoshiGaki is an art, like winemaking. There are many different styles and techniques.
I produce my HoshiGaki entirely by hand in the traditional patient fashion. My production is very small. Vintages range from 300 to 500 boxes total depending
on the harvest.

Thank you for your support of the farm.
Jeff Rieger


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