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Penryn Orchard Specialties is just over four acres, home to 56 different varieties of fruits and vines, about 300 trees in total. By commercial standards, which typically involve hundreds of acres of just a few varieties, this orchard makes no sense, until you taste the fruit.
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Located in the foothills East of Sacramento, Penryn sits at the heart of what was California's premier fruit growing region until the Central Valley Canal was built. The orchard benefits from well drained, slightly acidic soils, irrigated by pure snowmelt from the Sierras.
Winters bring ample chill, springs are mild, and long, hot summers sweeten the fruit.

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The orchard is just small enough for Jeff to do all the work himself, from tending the trees to harvesting, packing, and bringing the fruit to market. Jeff's motto: "Perfect is close enough."
He does get intermittent help from Laurence, A.K.A. "The French Girl," but there are no employees. As you can imagine, Jeff does not get a lot of time off.

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We proudly sell to the public and to food professionals at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market from late July to Christmas. In season, we also accept shipping orders for hoshigaki, for satsuma mandarins, for Clementines, and for preserves and marmalades.
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